Artistic Prints

Prints are a process of impressions through the use of a matrix, which allows the reproduction of multiple copies of an identical subject. “Print” is a generic term and as soon as this word is pronounced, it opens a world of possibilities, techniques and definitions of what is good for making order and creating clarity.

Artistic reproductions, as those words say, refer to copies of already-existing works, paintings, sculptures, drawings, most often created through photomechanical means on paper or canvas. In some cases, works by great artists are reproduced in the form of lithographs or screen prints on precious paper. The reproductions do not have a declared number of prints, and they are neither signed nor numbered. They represent a choice for all those who desire to decorate their spaces with taste and elegance, surrounded by the most beautiful works of art which have originally been preserved in museums around the world. At Galleria La Rocca, you will find thousands of images to choose from in order to create your own personal museum.

Art Prints

Artistic prints or art printsare not reproductions, but the original. In fact, the artists themselves create and draw new, unpublished images on the matrix, specially created to be printed on precious paper in limited circulation, numbered and autographed.

The circulation, or the number of prints made on the matrix, is indicated by progressive numbering placed side-by-side with the artist’s signature. The matrix, after printing the expected number of copies, is then destroyed or damaged, rendering it unusable. This process ensures that the stated number of copies in circulation is accurate.

The printing techniques used by the artists to create their works belonging to the family of graphic designers are the most varied: screen prints, lithographs, xylographs, chalcographs, and linoleographs up to the most modern giclée.

Every technique is characterised by the use of a different matrix--silk frames for screen prints, stone for lithographs, wood for xylographs, etc.

Galleria La Rocca, active in the art world for more than 40 years, is continually searching for innovation. We offer a wide, constantly-renewed and updated selection of graphic arts, signed by the most representative artists in Italian and foreign contemporary art.
Thousands of images, reproductions, original posters, graphic art, and paintings from which you can choose an exclusive gift, perfect for any anniversary, the ideal complement to house furniture and the office or to gift yourself the emotion of a painting.

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