Galleria La Rocca: History

art print sales in Torino

"Better a beautiful print than an ugly painting"

The decision of Galleria La Rocca to name the poster as a work of art back in 1975 paved the way for an ambitious project, which would achieve more than one important goal:

First of all, that the art poster would claim the dignity of art in every way, and second, to bring an increasingly large public eye closer to the world of art, while also allowing those who cannot afford the luxury of paintings to enjoy the aesthetics of a beautiful image in the home.

In short, we wish to satisfy our desire of offering up-to-date material to the public--particularly those would like be aware of developments in Italian and foreign culture by comparing the past to the present age.

The art poster Testimone del suo tempo was the main focus of numerous exhibits shown by Galleria La Rocca in collaboration with public entities.

Graphic Art and Paintings

Galleria La Rocca offers a wide selection of graphic artand carefully chosen paintings by emerging artists.

From among the works available, there are screen prints, lithographs, etchings, and engravings. They are printed on precious paper, numbered and signed by the most representative artists in contemporary art, both Italian and foreign.

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