Galleria La Rocca was first set up in Europe in 1975 with the philosophy of "Rather a beautiful print than an ugly painting". At the time, the company hosted an exhibition of posters from all over the world.
The company has 40 years' experience in original posters and graphic art, and is now also well known for its valuable paintings and frames.
Poster Catalogue

Galleria La Rocca offers a wide range of carefully selected graphic art and paintings by artists.
The artwork includes silkscreens, lithographs, etchings and engravings, all of which are indexed and signed by the most famous contemporary artists, both Italian and foreign.
Artwork Catalogue

"The magic and the emotion"

An Art Graphic Edition by Andrea Agostini made exlusively for Galleria La Rocca, printed in a limited edition of 99 copies, indexed and signed by the artist; every copy has an engraved stamp.

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