Posters and More

The art posters, designed specifically by the artist to publicise a product or to be used in an exhibition, are often printed using precious techniques and limited circulation. This is why they have become sought-after collection items over time.

The Galleria La Rocca also offers a wide assortment of art posters, artistic reproductions, photographs, graphic art and paintings.
We have vintage and trendy images, elegant and refined for decorating the walls in your surroundings.

Graphic Art, Paintings and Frames

La Galleria La Rocca, thanks to collaboration with Italian and foreign artists, offers a wide selection of graphic art works. The art is made with serigraphy, lithography, or created with other refined printing techniques on precious paper, and it is numbered and signed by the hands of the most representative creators of contemporary art.

The Galleria also prides itself on the exposition and sale of painted works.
Follow the News page in order to always stay up-to-date on events currently taking place!
To complement this offer, we provide a rapid picture framing service, able to satisfy any request for personalisation, dimensions, colors and materials.

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