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Posters and more

The sale of original art posters has always been one of the principal activities of galleria la rocca. The first in the country to recognize this form of visual expression; the gallery considers art posters a fully-fledged genre of the art world in their own right.

The bond between posters and art is inseparable, and the poster is often one of the most significant aspects of contemporary art. The close relationship between architecture, decoration and applied arts make the poster the ideal complement to any furnishings.

galleria la rocca

Original art posters

Original art posters, designed specifically by the artist to publicise a product or to be used in an exhibition, are often printed using refined techniques and in limited numbers. This is why they have become sought-after collector’s items over time.
The galleria la rocca also offers a wide range of original posters, artistic reproductions, photographs, graphic art and paintings by artists.
There are also vintage and current trend images, which are elegant and refined for decorating your walls.
galleria la rocca

Graphic Art, Paintings and Frames

galleria la rocca offers a wide selection of graphic art works through its collaboration with Italian and foreign artists, including silk-screen printing, lithography, or created with other refined printing techniques on quality paper. All works are indexed and signed by the most famous contemporary artists.
The Galleria also prides itself on the display and sale of painted works.
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Finally, there is a quick picture framing service, able to meet each kind of customization request in terms of size, colour and material, for example.