Art Frames

galleria la rocca

The Importance of a Beautiful Frame

What role does a frame play in the art world? What is its value as an inevitable accompaniment to a work of art? Why, since the origin of European art, has it always been attributed with so much worth? How has the production of these objects become so refined that they themselves can now be classified as works of art?
The frame is “the most mobile type of furniture,” and is the art object most related to taste and fashion. At the same time, it is in fact a portion of space that marks a passage; a discrepancy between the real world, in which things are valued based on their usefulness and how instrumental they are, and the art world, inside which the human mind must acquire a new depth of judgment and cut itself off from that external value system.
The traditional function of the frame is to isolate the image from the wall, to designate a space within which the mind can focus on the work of art and enjoy it fully.

The frame brings protection and enhanced value to the work, and at the same time it must be an integrated part of interior design.

Particular attention must therefore be paid to the choice of a frame.
galleria la rocca

How to Add Value to a Work of Art

It is no coincidence that artistic frames are a much-appreciated and requested item. They outline the beauty of not only paintings, but also of new contemporary art forms such as graphic art and original posters.

galleria la rocca has always paid great attention to providing artistic frames, offering a vast selection and creating bespoke, hand-painted frames for clients, to cater for any request for colour and material.